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We are available to help you with your Facility and Building maintenance.  We provide commercial cleaning and maintenance services.  We look forward to speaking with you.

Hours: Mon - Fri 8 am to 6 pm - Emergency: 1-855-848-5127 31 Densley Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M6M 2P5 647-427-4410 info@omegamaintenance.ca
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Mike Liao, R.C.M

Mike Liao, R.C.M Senior Condominium Manager, ICC Property Management Ltd.

“We have been with Omega since August 2017. Initially, we only signed a one-year contract. We signed for another 3 years at the anniversary. No cleaning company is perfect, but as the property manager, I appreciate that Omega is ALWAYS quick to respond to building issues. Their supervisor staff is highly knowledgeable and responsive, issues are rectified quickly, supervisors are on-site within a few hours to address the issues. I would highly recommend Omega Superior Maintenance to any building looking for a good efficient cleaning company. Thank You,”

Ilir Xhacka

Ilir Xhacka Condominium Manager, Grand Palace Condominiums

“Omega Superior Maintenance is a “one-stop-shop” company that caters to all our condominium’s custodian, superintendent and all in between services from carpet cleaning to garage power washing. I had the opportunity to work with OSM for approximately three years at a brand new condominium corporation in the town of Richmond Hill. From the time of occupancy period prior to registration to turnover and beyond, OSM was at all times available and flexible with staffing and their diligence in an ever-changing environment and work situation. I have to give special recognition to Mr. Valais and Mr. Christie for their ever-present availability and professionality in meetings with Board of Directors, Management and condominium staff. The maintenance and custodian staff provided to the corporation has been thoroughly trained in various working environments and they diligently follow a tried and perfected system that ensures smooth operations and safe work environment. I would recommend OSM to any Condominium Board that are looking to raise the bar on the professionality and building maintenance standards.


Frank FMS Marketing

“Thanks for the super cleaning job in our office! We can’t believe the difference. You definitely exceed our expectations and we are so happy with the service you delivered. We will definitely not hesitate to recommend you to anyone we know! Thanks again!”


Manager Manwin Entertainment

“For the last 2 years, we have been receiving top quality cleaning services for our company of 270 employees divided on three floors. We have had consistent, efficient and reliable cleaning services. We love how well maintained our office areas have been kept and how they have accommodated us according to our office schedule. We are exceptionally satisfied and highly recommend the cleaning services offered… definitely “five star”!”


Alice Remco Group

“Your service is very good, your cleaner is polite and does whatever he is told. He does a good job overall and goes out of his way to do more. Thank you for your continuous service.”