Decontamination Service

No matter how often you clean your facility, it is relatively hard to eliminate all viruses and harmful bacteria that may cause sicknesses to you and your loved ones or employees. That is why professional disinfection and decontamination is essential.  We are the leading disinfection and decontamination experts in the greater Toronto region, ready to serve you.

We offer a broad spectrum of disinfection and decontamination service that provides powerful protection from disease-causing viruses and other microorganisms. We can quickly decontaminate and sanitize large areas and high-touch surfaces in your office, restrooms, public areas and more.

We are a fully licensed, bonded, and insured company ready to serve you and make your office or home safe.  Our team is highly trained, skilled, and certified to decontaminate and disinfect commercial buildings across Canada.

24 x 7

Emergency Service

With us, you don’t have to worry about time because our service is available 24/7.  Since we are deemed an essential service, we shall be at your premises whenever you need us.  We have a dedicated call center that runs 24/7, with all customer calls answered immediately.

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Certified Decontamination Services

Since the novel coronavirus outbreak, our team of highly experienced and certified technicians have made a significant difference in helping frontline workers and other essential service providers stay safe by offering affordable services in many facilities located in Toronto.

We have also introduced a wide range of cleaning and disinfecting programs specially designed to help control the spread of germs and viruses, including the coronavirus.  With us, you can never go wrong because we offer reliable services that you can trust.

Our experts adhere to strict guidelines issued by several governing bodies to deal with emergencies. They are also trained on different cleaning protocols they need to follow to achieve great results without causing harm to the environment.   We use the IICRC and ISSA protocols when cleaning or decontaminating a facility.

In fact, we can confidently say that our cleaning, disinfecting, and decontamination protocols are the best in the industry. We use HEPA approved decontamination chambers, negative air machines, and vacuum systems to ensure we achieve great results that exceed your expectations.

Decontamination and Disinfecting Services You Can Trust

Our experienced team of experts has been offering exemplary disinfection, decontamination, and sanitization services to different kinds of buildings across Toronto. Our clients’ facilities include commercial offices, retirement homes, warehouses, recreational facilities, industrial spaces, shopping centers, retail spaces, restaurants, and many more.

Our technicians have the experience and versatility needed to decontaminate and remove bacteria from any facility. In addition to decontamination, they can also clean and sanitize spaces to eliminate the likelihood of fungus growth or bacteria accumulation.

We use the best practices and state-of-the-art equipment to complete our job.  We are also flexible enough to give you a custom schedule that suits your needs.  All you have to do is talk to us, and we shall take care of your needs.