Neutral Cleaner and Floor Maintenance

  The importance of which product is used to clean a floor cannot be overstated. If the PH is too high or too low, it can be disastrous for the floor, potentially leading to financial, contractual and even legal consequences. This is why it’s so important for general janitorial cleaning companies to use a neutral cleaner when mopping its buildings. The diversity of materials used in condominium and commercial building construction these days is astounding. The upside of this influx of design and creativity comes with the downside that every material is unique and needs a unique cleaning product. Except when using a neutral cleaner! These neutral cleaners come with a ‘neutral’ PH, allowing them to be used on all types of flooring. Not only does this ensure your cleaners won’t damage the floor, but it saves on training costs as the same neutral cleaner can be used across the board on all of your contracts. There is no need to go out and investigate which cleaning product should be used on every individual flooring when a good neutral cleaner is all that is needed. It ensures continuity of service and the peace of mind that no floor will be damaged by the product.